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How to Apply for Medicaid in Nevada

In order to enroll in SilverSummit Healthplan, you must be eligible and enrolled in Nevada Medicaid or Nevada Check up.

Nevada Medicaid Application 

To learn how to apply for Medicaid in Nevada, visit the Division of Health Care Financing and Policy section of the Official Department of Health & Human Services website below:

Medicaid can be confusing.  We GOT you.

  • Local staff hired from communities where you live to help you access food, housing, transportation and more.
  • Click here to ask questions to local staff or call Member services at 1-844-366-2880

We know you're busy, so we make it easy for you to go to the doctor when you need to.

  • No referral needed to see an in-network specialist ---- saving you time
  • Free rides to your appointments and other services
  • Lots of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and more in our large provider network near you

Customer Service Voice Response Unit (VRU)

Toll Free (800) 992-0900
Northern Nevada (775) 684-7200
Southern Nevada (702) 486-1646

Eligibility and Qualifications 

To be eligible for enrollment with SilverSummit Healthplan, you must be a Nevada resident and live in urban Washoe or urban Clark County. If you are currently enrolled with Nevada Medicaid or Nevada Check Up and you move to these areas, enrollment with a managed care provider is mandatory unless you aged, blind, disabled, or meet certain other conditions.

When you apply for Medicaid in Nevada, we will determine your eligibility during the enrollment process.