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Provider Portal Resources

We encourage all our providers to use our Provider Portal.  Sign up for an account here:  SilverSummit Healthplan Provider Portal

Here are some of the things providers can do:

  • Check member's eligibility
  • Check claims status
  • Submit authorizations
  • Check authorizations status
  • Submit claims
  • Check claims status
  • Submit claims reconsiderations
  • Obtain benefit information
  • Access reports
  • Update demographic information

Provider Portal Claims Redesign Trainings:

The Provider Portal Claims Redesign will be an enhancement to the Claims portion of the Secure Provider Portal, which will go live very soon.  This redesign will completely change the look and feel of the Claims portion of the portal as it exists today.

The Provider Portal Claims Redesign enhancements, include:

• Newly created Claims Dashboard, enabling quick and easy access to your most relevant claims information from just one page.

• All-New Claims Status Tiles and Pages, with filter, row count, and pagination capabilities.

• Ability to search for claims by Claim Number, up to 10 claims at once, from Claims Dashboard and Advanced Search.

• A Modernized design with intuitive features and comprehensive claims information.

The purpose of this training is to provide information and demonstrate the new features of the portal claims redesign to better support our providers.

***Announcements on New Training Dates will be posted below.***