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Choose the Medicaid plan that gets you dollar rewards to spend at Walmart.

When SilverSummit members go to the doctor and do other healthy activities, they earn reward dollars they can spend at Walmart on groceries, clothing, electronics, school supplies, appliances, sports equipment, and other things they need.*

Become a member today and start earning rewards while managing your health.

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How do SilverSummit Members earn dollar rewards?

All Members



Adult yearly check-up


Child yearly check-up


Flu shot
$25Chlamydia screening
$15Colorectal cancer screening
$25Cervical cancer screening
$25Breast cancer screening
$15Prostate exam
$30Diabetes hbA1c

Pregnant & New Mom Members



Enroll in Start Smart for Your Baby


Notification of pregnancy form (completed in first trimester)
$25Notification of pregnancy form (completed in second trimester)
$30See doctor while pregnant ($10 per visit for 3 visits)
$20Six Infant well care visits 

Family of 4, check-ups and flu shots = $230 in dollar rewards

Get more information on the My Health Pays rewards program.

*Dollar rewards cannot be used to purchase tobacco or firearms.