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Renewing Medicaid Benefits

SilverSummit cannot process your recertification application. If you have any questions about the renewal process, feel free to call us at: 1-844-366-2880 (TTY/TDD 1-844-804-6086).

Update your address information on Nevada Medicaid

DWSS services remain available online and over the phone

COVID-19 Essential Health and Human Services Option



If you applied for Medicaid online, go to and click on:

  • Get Started - If you have already created an account online
  • Create an Account - If you have not created an account (This will give you access to all benefits provided by the State of Nevada)

To see instructional videos on creating an account, resetting your password, and adding documents on Access Nevada click here: Access Nevada Instructional Videos


By Mail

Fill out the Medicaid Recertification Form and mail it to the appropriate office:

For Nevada Medicaid, you’ll get a renewal notice from the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Service (DWSS) telling you it’s time to renew. For Nevada Check Up, it will come from the Nevada Division of Health Care Financing and policy (DHCFP).

You must complete the documents that come with the notice and send them back to the address listed in the renewal notice.


In Person and By Phone

At this time, services at the Health and Human Services offices will be limited. 

Contact your local Welfare and Supportive Services Office for Medical Programs.