Nevada Medicaid Benefits Overview

You Get Covered!

Welcome to SilverSummit Healthplan! Our programs and services are designed to help you support your health and that of your family. With SilverSummit, you get access to extras and rewards that help save money while accessing quality care when it matters most.

My Health Pays® Rewards

As a Member, you earn dollar rewards for many doctor appointments and for completing healthy activities like getting annual screenings.  You are automatically enrolled in the My Health Pays™ rewards program. To earn your rewards card, it is easy: schedule an appointment with your doctor and start earning rewards.


Healthy Activities that earn you rewards:



Adult yearly check-up


Child yearly check-up


Flu shot
$25 COVID-19 vaccine
$25 Chlamydia screening
$15 Colorectal cancer screening
$15 Cervical cancer screening
$15 Breast cancer screening
$15 Prostate exam
$50 Diabetes eye + kidney + blood exams (total amount)

Pregnant & New Mom Members



Enroll in Start Smart for Your Baby


Notification of pregnancy form (completed in first trimester)
$25 Notification of pregnancy form (completed in second trimester)
$30 See doctor while pregnant ($10 per visit for 3 visits)
$30 See doctor after baby is born ($10 per visit for 3 visits completed 21–56 days after delivery)
$60 Take baby to doctor ($10 per visit for 6 visits from 0–15 months old)

To see a list of healthy activities go to My Health Pays™ rewards program.

You can shop at Walmart using your dollar rewards to pay for:

  • Groceries
  • School supplies
  • Electronics
  • Sporting equipment

And many other items (This card may not be used to buy alcohol, tobacco, or firearms products.)

There are so many healthy activities for you to earn dollar rewards. Your My Health Pays™ rewards card is mailed to you and more dollars rewards are added to your card after you complete healthy activities. You can check your balances by visiting the Member Portal or call 1-844-366-2880.

Does earning reward dollars interest you?

Not a Member of SilverSummit and would like to get the My Health Pays™ dollar rewards? Contact Us at for assistance in completing the Medicaid application.

Value Added Benefits

Extra benefits for you and the whole family at no cost.


Featured NEW Value Added Benefits

You and Your Family get a FREE YMCA Membership! *

YMCA Family Membership: full access to fitness center, group exercise classes, access to pool, gymnasium, family events, kid’s gym, youth fitness classes and much more. *

  • YMCA Youth Summer Camp 
  • YMCA After School Care for your Kids at select schools*
  • YMCA Teen Job Training Program*

* Clark County Only
YMCA Overview One Sheet (PDF)

You Get Healthy with a gym benefit from SilverSummit Healthplan

Your fitness goals have never been so easy to reach. SilverSummit is offering the ActiveandFit program for the gym benefit. The program offers flexible gym options to meet your own fitness needs.

You Get:

  • Gym membership to one of the participating fitness centers. To see a fitness center in your area go to Active&Fit and enter your zip code for a location near you.

    Sample some of the participating fitness centers


- Anytime Fitness

- Planet Fitness

- Crunch

  • One Home Fitness Kit per benefit year. You have 10 options to choose from.
  • Workout plans to help you start your exercise routine
  • A variety of On-demand workout videos
  • The Active&Fit Connected!™ for tracking your activity
  • Online resources

Interested and need more information? Call Customer Service toll-free at 1.877.771.2746 (TTY/TDD: 711)

Not a member? Contact Us to learn about all the benefits SilverSummit offers -

Other benefits are available to you, such as:

  • Free Costco Gold Card
  • Free Membership to Boys & Girls Club
  • Free Spa rejuvenation package*
  • Free tutoring for children 4-18 years old-choose in-person or virtual

*Applies to qualified individuals

And many more! To view a full list of VAB's

Washoe (North) & Clark (South) Value Added Benefits List (PDF)

Covered Benefits

Pharmacy Benefits

Get proper, high-quality, and affordable drug therapy. To help you get and remain healthy, we'll make sure you have access to medications that are both safe and effective.

Behavioral Health

You get mental health support when you need it. SilverSummit offers same-day mental health appointments. As a member, you are guaranteed to get help when you need it.


Immediate, same-day appointments 7 days a week


Talk therapy appointments are provided within 72 hours


Psychiatric appointments in 24 hours

Contact Summit Behavioral Health Services for same-day appointments.

We also have Resource Centers available in Reno and Las Vegas.

  • Take a shower or do your laundry
  • Get access to housing
  • Enjoy a meal
  • Services available in English and Spanish

Need help understanding these benefits and services? Or would you like to learn more? Call us! We are standing by to answer your questions. 1-844-366-2880 (TTY/TDD 1-844-804-6086)

Washoe County
855 Mill Street
Reno, NV 89502


Clark County
3035 S. Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


Clark County
2500 W. Washington Ave
Suite B, Las Vegas, NV 89106


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