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2024 Rural Community Investment Program


Carson Valley Health's Expansion of a Comprehensive Nutrition Education Program. This initiative is essential for assisting individuals at risk of or dealing with health issues such as diabetes and kidney disease. Participants receive valuable guidance on managing their health effectively. The program aims to broaden its reach, impacting more lives and fostering healthier lifestyles across the community.

The Central Nevada Health District is launching an enriching summer program for young people in two counties. This nine-week initiative, held during summer break, will offer three engaging sessions each week.

During two of these sessions, children will participate in eighteen school-based lessons designed to blend learning with fun. To maintain their enthusiasm, the third weekly session will focus on life skills and group activities through exciting games. Kids will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of entertaining and educational experiences.

New Frontier, a certified community behavioral health center, offers a sanctuary for recovery and growth. With support from SilverSummit's Community Investment program, they plan to renovate their residential treatment unit, creating a more comfortable and healing environment. Their vision includes purchasing new furniture for living rooms, dining areas, group therapy rooms, and tranquility rooms, complementing the construction of their new and refurbished buildings. These upgrades aim to best meet the needs of their clients, ensuring a supportive and nurturing space for all.

The Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe is upgrading medical equipment at the Fallon Tribal Health Center to enhance dental and clinical services. The current outdated equipment has hindered effective service delivery. This investment will benefit healthcare providers and improve patient experiences for 2,218 individuals. The initiative aims to improve patient and provider retention, fostering better health outcomes through consistent care. Overall, this upgrade is set to significantly improve healthcare quality for the community.

We are thrilled to announce that FISH, one of the SilverSummit Community Investment Program recipients, is committed to transforming the futures of their students. Their remarkable Revitalization Program aims to re-energize not only the workforce but the whole community, paving the way from menial jobs to meaningful careers. Through vital partnerships with esteemed institutions like Western Nevada College and TMCC and local industry, this innovative transitional program combines education, practical skills, and a stable living environment. This initiative, which also includes family skills development, work readiness, and financial literacy services, promises to overhaul participants' lives as they journey from education to high-paying careers. 

The Jewish Family Service Agency, a non-profit, non-sectarian community social service organization committed to nurturing and stabilizing our community through innovative and compelling prevention and intervention programs. Since its establishment in 1977, the agency has been a beacon of hope for our community members, particularly those within the low-income population, helping to decrease eviction rates due to non-payment of rent or mortgage. Together, we celebrate this achievement and continue our journey towards building a more resilient, inclusive, and thriving community.

The Lincoln Community Coalition of Nevada is set to utilize the grant funding to aid and support its community members, with a particular focus on assisting citizens reintegrating from incarceration, drug programs, and individuals with mental health needs. Moreover, families in need of resources not fulfilled by local services will receive attention. As part of the initiative, the Coalition aims to establish a resource center at their current office. This will include private and open workstations complete with computers for clients to use for virtual health appointments, submit applications for healthcare services, and participate in virtual support meetings. The initiative straddles across the rural area encompassing three towns: Caliente, Panaca, and Pioche and little town Alamo. All services will be non-judgmental, unbiased, and gender-neutral, with materials available in both English and Spanish.

Living Free Health & Fitness is dedicated to fostering wellness and recovery in Pahrump/Nye County. This innovative therapeutic workplace initiative is a beacon of rehabilitation for individuals facing the challenges of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. In a display of commitment to the community, this initiative employs these individuals, incorporating them back into the societal fabric as contributing members. Every employee at the LFG experiences a flexible work schedule that accommodates their medical, mental health, and legal needs. Encouraging a slow-paced, supportive skills development process, the LFG helps rebuild confidence and self-esteem and prepares the employee for future career opportunities.

The NAMI Freedom Bridges Peer Empowerment Program (FBPEP) is dedicated to supporting individuals affected by mental illness and substance use disorders, particularly those transitioning from incarceration back into society in Nevada's Rural and Frontier Counties. Developed by the NAMI Western Nevada Advisory Committee, which consists of previously incarcerated individuals who live with mental health and substance use disorders, the program is a heartfelt commitment to providing comprehensive care. Members of the committee not only have personal experience with these issues but are also certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists through the Nevada Certification Board. FBPEP's focus is on holistic care, spearheaded by dedicated operators who will be dual-certified as Community Health Worker II and Peer Recovery Support Specialists.

The National Bleeding Disorders Foundation's Nevada Chapter is supporting underserved members of the bleeding disorders community in northern Nevada, focusing on rural areas like Ely, Elko, Carson City, and Owyhee. This initiative provides education, support, and outreach to empower patients and enhance their quality of life. It offers continuing education scholarships to contribute to financial stability and direct assistance with housing necessities such as rent and utilities through the end of 2024. The program ensures transparent and equitable fund distribution, with the Nevada Chapter meticulously reviewing each applicant's eligibility and disbursing funds to verified vendors rather than applicants.

The Nevada Outreach Training Organization has been aiding individuals and families in need throughout Nevada. This organization is committed to providing educational and support services to residents in Nye County. The main focus is on 'at-risk' and 'underserved' communities, offering them the necessary resources to navigate challenging circumstances such as job loss, illness, or sudden wage reduction.

Through this project, the Nevada Outreach Training Organization aims to utilize the grant to assist approximately 25 to 30 families in need of critical rental support. This initiative is a true testament to the positive impact being made in the lives of Nevada's residents.

The NyE Communities Coalition (NyECC) program is focused on improving the health and well-being of individuals in rural frontier regions. Implementing an evidence-based Diabetes Self-Management Program originally developed by Dr. Lorig at Stanford University, NyECC aims to aid individuals in managing the symptoms of diabetes more effectively, reducing unscheduled medical and emergency room visits. The program, specially tailored for the particular requirements of Nye, Esmeralda, and Lincoln Counties, utilizes telehealth systems and maintains a team of trained facilitators.

Aligned with their mission to promote the use of exercise for increased health, especially for individuals over 50, NyECC offers Yoga and Qigong classes both in person and online. Physical activity is essential for people with diabetes, as it helps prevent or delay complications associated with the condition. According to the American Diabetes Association, mind-body practices like yoga may further help in lowering blood glucose levels, controlling weight, improving sleep, and reducing stress and blood pressure. These classes also cater to older participants and those with disabilities who require low-impact exercise.

Partnership Douglas County's Empowering YOUth initiative supports youth aged 9 to 17 with activities focused on coping skills, leadership training, and stress reduction, while also emphasizing substance use prevention. Despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, PDC rebuilt the program, which is now active in two schools with plans to expand to two more. Surveys show a significant need for such initiatives, and Empowering YOUth aims to connect students with peers, family, and community in a safe, drug-free environment. PDC also plans to use media and marketing to promote prevention and community connections, fostering a resilient youth community in Douglas County.

Tahoe Youth and Family Services (TYFS) is a dedicated organization committed to providing mental health and substance abuse counseling to those who need it the most. Their programs primarily focus on youth aged 12–17, recognizing them as an integral and developing demographic. Their services, however, are not limited to this age group and extend to children below 12 and adults over 18. TYFS emphasizes that adolescents need comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services, given that most mental health problems manifest during this period. This access to resources significantly impacts adult life, affecting personal relationships, social interactions, and work performance. Through their range of programs, such as individual and family counseling, mental health counseling, substance use disorder treatment, and mental health and substance abuse assessments, TYFS aims to offer low- or no-cost services accessible to all. The organization also specifically caters to numerous special populations in Douglas County, including individuals grappling with addiction, people with developmental delays or mental health issues, incarcerated or formerly incarcerated adults and youth, children from single-family homes, homeless and at-risk youth, and individuals with disabilities. This initiative has been generously funded by SilverSummit through their Community Investment Program, playing a pivotal role in addressing mental health concerns and substance abuse in the community.

The William Bee Ririe Hospital and Rural Health Clinic proudly presents a comprehensive community education program for expecting mothers. This initiative aims to improve outcomes for both mother and child by enhancing prenatal care and increasing breastfeeding rates.

The hospital offers education, resources, and support to nursing staff, providers, and pregnant women. Essential topics covered include the significance of early prenatal care, the dangers of harmful substances, and the benefits of breastfeeding.

Free 4-week childbirth and breastfeeding classes are offered using Injoy educational software. The program also includes WHO training for hospital staff, aligning with the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. A private breastfeeding area is also available within the hospital.

The program uses PRAPARE to assess cultural needs and determinants of health, ensuring additional resources are provided based on individual needs. Accessibility and inclusivity are prioritized, with no participants turned away based on race, creed, color, or ability to pay.

Winged Wolf Innovations and the Rural Health Clinic program have launched a comprehensive capacity-building initiative aimed at enhancing the skillsets of homeless service providers and leaders who make funding decisions within the Rural Nevada Continuum of Care (RN CoC).

Leveraging its extensive technical expertise, Winged Wolf Innovations, LLC. will undertake a series of activities. These include rebranding the RN CoC, restructuring its governance body, and updating its governance charter. The goal is to effectively connect communities with resources tailored to their specific needs.

The RN CoC's efforts to end homelessness, particularly in rural and frontier regions of Nevada, present a significant challenge. However, this program is committed to delivering tangible solutions for individuals and families facing homelessness, contributing to the broader objective of helping to end homelessness in these areas.