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2023 Community Investment Program


SilverSummit is proud to support Baby’s Bounty. About 1,200 families in Clark County, NV, get help from this program each year. The program is for those who can afford the high cost of baby supplies. It focuses on everything a new baby needs to stay healthy and safe. It has two parts: the Safe Sleep & Baby Basics program and a big Baby Bundle. This bundle has everything needed for a newborn's cleanliness and health. It helps make sure every baby has a great start to life.

SilverSummit is proud to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada. They are building three new centers for college and job advice. This adds to their programs that already help kids get set for careers. They have programs like Career Launch, Money Matters, Leaders in Training, and Diplomas to Degrees. These programs teach teens about various jobs, how to handle money, get job-ready, and plan for learning after high school.

SilverSummit is proud to support the Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows. This project will open three new places for kids to hang out after school in Reno, Fernley, and Lovelock. These spots were picked because of the need for a fun and safe place for kids to go when school is over. These places will be for kids between the ages of 6 and 18. It's all about giving them stuff to do and things to learn outside of school hours.

SilverSummit is proud to support the City of Reno. The 'Reno Works' program, which helps people build their lives and job skills, is now 'Reno Works+'. This new and improved program doesn't just stop at graduation; it goes further! Offering support and classes after graduation to make sure everyone keeps moving ahead. Plus, it provides temporary jobs that improve our community. It's more than learning; it's about lasting change.

SilverSummit is proud to support the Community Health Alliance (CHA). This new program helps moms and babies get the care they need. This can be families with little money, those without insurance, or people from different backgrounds. The program gives help before and after a baby is born. Most of the funds will be used to pay for an OG/GYN doctor for one year.

SilverSummit is proud to support the Corporation for Supportive Housing. This project is all about making homes for SilverSummit Members. The goal is to give them permanent places to live where they can feel safe and comfortable.

SilverSummit is proud to support Cure 4 The Kids. This is for the recruitment of a specialized pediatric doctor. Cure 4 The Kids mission is to advance cures and prevention of childhood diseases. The funding will help them hire a new doctor for our community.

SilverSummit is proud to support The Empowerment Center (TEC). The TEC program is for adult women. The program is designed to help women become more independent and successful. TEC focuses on women with low incomes who are recovering from addiction. They also provide help to those who have been in jail or don't have a place to live.

SilverSummit Healthplan is proud to support Freedom House Sober Living. This transitional home helps in the fight against substance misuse in Las Vegas. The program will aid in its care to our Members for their journey forward after being in jail.

SilverSummit Healthplan is proud to support the Shannon West Youth Center. The Shannon West Youth Center is an amazing place for young people between 16 and 24 who don't have a home. The three-story center provides everything they might need, from food, clothes, and a safe place to stay to lots of support and help. The Shannon West Youth Center can house up to 150 young people who live in dorm rooms or studio apartments. They offer many activities, offices, medical rooms, and even a place for clothes. Many young people living at The Youth Center have different challenges and often have trouble with constantly having to move. This can be tough, and sometimes it makes it hard for them to go to school. They can now have peace of mind and focus on their education, find jobs, and plan their futures.

SilverSummit Healthplan is proud to support High Risk Pregnancy Center. The MOTHER Program offers women who are struggling with drug use a place to receive care. They don't have to remain overnight to get treatment and medication there. Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth receive extra care. Services include peer support and counseling. And specialty care for expectant mothers and their newborns. It's the only program of its kind in Nevada focused on women.

SilverSummit Healthplan is proud to support Hope Christian Health Center's Women’s Health program. This program is all about making sure women get important health checks. The program focuses on breast and cervical cancer screenings. Catching these diseases early can make a big difference. A dedicated Community Health Worker ensures each patient moves through the process. They stay with them from the first call to book a check-up right through to when the doctors review the results. The goal is to make sure women, no matter where they come from or how much they can pay, have the power to look after their health through regular screenings. This is an important part of our commitment to the health of our community.

SilverSummit Healthplan proudly supports the Jobs 4 Nevada Graduates (J4NG) program. This project helps young people get ready for work. J4NG works with local schools and businesses, helping students find jobs and learning opportunities after high school. This is much more than a job program. It's a chance for students to change their lives and reach their dreams. J4NG is helping to make Nevada's future brighter, one student at a time.

SilverSummit is a proud to support Join Together Northern Nevada. The Healthy Young Nevadan Initiative is a valuable program for our young people. It has three main parts. First, it offers school courses that can help high school youth in need. This learning program has proven to work. Second, the program has a youth summit. This summit encourages high school students from Northern Nevada to join in campus activities that teach them about being healthy, strong, and giving support to others. Lastly, scholarships are available for first-generation students who want to study public health. These scholarships help them grow and encourage them to set goals for the future. Join Together Northern Nevada believes that if you have a goal and someone to help you reach it, you're more likely to lead a healthy life.

SilverSummit Healthplan is proud to support the Karma Box G.R.I.T. program. This program is all about giving a helping hand to people who are battling with life challenges or are preparing to start a new chapter after being in jail. It's like a bridge that helps them go from getting therapy to becoming good members of our community. How does it work? By doing good deeds in the community and taking part in physical activities. But the heart of the G.R.I.T. program is teaching about a healthy way of living.

SilverSummit Healthplan is proud to support the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. This program focuses on helping people make positive changes in their lives. The program provides a structured place to live that helps people make the change to a sober life. A special Med Tech person takes care of setting up doctor visits, rides, and giving medicine. The program goal is to make the path towards sober living easier and to provide support throughout the journey.

SilverSummit is proud to support Life Changes. The Healing Home is a secure place where former offenders can find hope and healing. The Healing Home helps its residents with different services and connects them to programs to help them get back to their normal lives. The main goal of the Healing Home is to make it easier for residents to fit back into their community.

The SilverSummit is proud to support NAMI. It's specially built for people who have had tough times with issues like substance use or mental health. A standout part of this program is the Peer Recovery Support Specialist Intern (PRSS-I). This person has been through recovery and now uses their knowledge to help others. The PRSS-I is a mentor and a beacon of hope for those facing similar troubles. They use their personal journey to give support, showing the potential for a healthier life. This program is not just about recovery. It's also about a community of people lifting each other up and growing stronger together.

SilverSummit is proud to support the Nevada Health Center. Nevada Health Centers are bringing in Patient Service Educators. These Educators are here to help new people join a health plan. As for current Medicaid members, they will help with renewal. One of their main roles is to raise awareness about all the plans offered. Their main task is to distribute unbiased information to rural communities. This way, each person can fully understand their options.

SilverSummit is proud to support Nevada Health Centers. A new Medical Mobile Unit will travel to Elko, Churchill, Lander, and Eureka counties. This simplifies access to care for those who struggle with travel. It's all part of their mission to help rural communities get access to care.

SilverSummit is proud to support the Nevada Primary Care Association (NPCA). NPCA and the Mobile Healthcare Association teamed up to create a training program on mobile healthcare. The aim is to train health centers on how to run a successful mobile.

SilverSummit is proud to support Northern Nevada HOPES. A new clinic will be opening in mid-2024. Adults can get primary care and help to prevent chronic diseases. Mental and behavioral health programs will be offered. This will include group therapy, psychiatry, and Intensive Outpatient Program. The clinic will offer same-day hours.

SilverSummit is proud to support Phase 1. This program helps at-risk student athletes who need positive support. This effort goes beyond mere athletic involvement; it includes academic success and life skills education. The main goal is to help students succeed in every part of their lives by using sports to grow and develop.

SilverSummit is proud to support Puentes. Puentes is a program that helps SSHP Members when they are having tough times. They offer help like paying for emergency rent, finding temporary places to live, and paying security deposits. Puentes also connects Members to more community support services. This creates a path for a Members to have a secure future.

SilverSummit is proud to support REACH. The REACH rental assistance program aims to help low-income households. The main focus is on Hispanic and Latino families. The program will help families with the Medicaid application process. Helping each family every step of the way.

SilverSummit is proud to support ReDirect Youth Outreach. This program uses fitness and boxing to help at-risk youths tackle daily challenges. The program empowers youths with coping, life skills, and self-discipline to take control of their lives.

SilverSummit is proud to support The Salvation Army. This program helps people move from being homeless to having a home. SSHP Members who are ready will switch from living on the streets to being in a housing program on their campus. The Salvation Army gives them help with things like case management, meals, a place to live, rides, and clothing.

SilverSuumit is proud to support Sierra Nevada Journeys. This program aims to help more students join programs like Classrooms Unleashed and Overnight Outdoor Learning. They will provide scholarships for students. The scholarship funds will let at least 333 students be part of fun.

SilverSuumit is proud to support Step 2. The Lighthouse Program assists a mom and her kids in moving into a furnished 1-3 bedroom house. While living there, the mom can continue outpatient treatment, job search, and ensure her kids have safe, high-quality childcare.

SilverSummit is proud to support Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT). TMT reports data about life and health in Northern Nevada. They share this info through the Nevada Tomorrow Portal. The portal shows data in easy-to-understand visuals. It promotes community discussions. It fosters joint effort with local partners. TMT is looking to recruit a data architect and storyteller to their team.

SilverSummit is proud to support Vitality Unlimited. This program is designed help women in Nevada who are having trouble with drug addiction, substance use, and other similar problems. It doesn't matter where they are in Nevada's 17 counties, everyone can get help. The program includes a residential treatment center or getting help without staying overnight. The services include detox, medicine for addiction, help with finding a place to live, rides, and mental health care.

SilverSummit is proud to support Washoe County through its Housing and Homeless Services program. This program provides help to people facing homelessness or at risk of losing their homes. Offering more than just shelter, it extends guidance for life's challenges and support for emotional well-being. Key partners are the Nevada Cares Campus, Safe Camp, and the HOPE Outreach Team. They will enhance the program’s reach and impact.

SilverSummit is proud to support Washoe County School District Family Resource Center (FRC). This program helps keep families in their homes during emergencies that make it hard for them to pay rent. It also gives gas vouchers to families who need them. The funding will include laptops for staff to access a tool called Call Rail Communication to connect with families. Being forced to move can lead to many problems, like trouble with the law, money issues, and dangers to kids’ safety. This program reducing these risks.