CentAccount Rewards Program

We want to help you have good health. Taking care of your health makes you feel better. You can also avoid more serious health concerns. We give you an additional reward for completing certain healthy activities . . . dollar rewards! There are no fees or cost to you. It’s our way of celebrating your choice to have better health.

Earning rewards is easy! When you make certain healthy choices, reward dollars will automatically be put on your CentAccount rewards card. The rewards are added approximately two weeks after we receive the claim for the healthy behavior. If it’s your first reward, a card will be mailed to you. Remember, this card is not a credit card. It already has funds on it. Keep the card after you use it. As you earn more rewards, they will be added to this card.

Earn rewards by completing the following healthy activities:

All adults can earn:

$15 For submitting a completed annual chlamydia screening. (One per calendar year; age 16-24)
$15 For annual colorectal cancer screening. (One per calendar year; age 51-75)
$50 For annual comprehensive diabetes care - must complete all of the following once in the calendar year (age 18-75): HbA1c test, Retinopathy screening (dilated eye exam), Kidney screening. 

Women can earn:

$10 For every 3rd doctor visit* (30 max)
$10 For a postpartum, doctor visit* (must be completed 4-6 weeks after delivery)
$15 For annual cervical cancer screening (One per calendar year, age 21-64)
$15 For an annual breast cancer screening (One per calendar year, ages 40-74)

*To be eligible for these rewards, you must notify us you are pregnant prior to having your baby by calling us or submitting a completed Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) form. Prenatal visit count begins after we are notified you are pregnant.

Children can earn:

$10 For 6 infant well care visits up to 15 months old. (These visits are recommended at 3-5 days old, before 30 days old, and at 2, 4, 6. 9. 12 and 15 months old)
$20 For an annual well care visit (age 2-20)

Men can earn:

$15 For an annual prostate exam (one per calendar year; ages 50-69)

You can use your card at the following stores:

  • CVS Pharmacy 
  • Dollar general
  • Family Dollar
  • Rite Aid pharmacy
  • Walmart

You can buy hundreds of items with your card. 

Some of the types of items you can buy are the following:baby care, healthy groceries, OTC medicines, personal care

For more information, visit our website or call us. You can also log into your SilverSummit Healthplan member account. When you log in, you will find a complete list of items you can buy, your rewards balance and more

To activate your card or check your balance, log into myotccard.com or call 1-888-682-2400.

The card cannot be used to buy alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, firearms or ammunition. All rewards expire one year (365 days) from the date the reward is added to your card. If you do not use or earn more rewards for 12 months, your card will close. When your card closes, you will lose any remaining balance. Your card expires 60 days after your coverage terminates.